About Us

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We are a great team.

Our company "Metro Shipping Agency" was founded in Istanbul, in the year 1996. With our passion to serve and continious process, we became one of the leading shipping agency in Turkey. Each passing day, we increase our leadership position with our trained, experienced and professional staff and with our customer satisfaction rates.

Metro Shipping, is an excellent solution to meet the requirements of customer needs.To deliver the highest standards, we are equipped with superior information technology, modern day communication tools and operates 24 hours a day.

We continue our progress in the industry, with our licences issued by Ministry of Transport, maritime Affairs and Communications - Republic of Turkey


We are very proud of with our high quality services.

We are also pleased with the results of customer satisfaction surveys, and will continue to work towards 100% customer satisfaction for all our global customers. ”


We employ; professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team.

We provide provide a wide range of services with our experience, and long-term customer satisfaction strategy.

Having excellent relations with the authorities to ensure that quick and efficient vessel turnaround, and clients' needs are fully met.

Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers.

High quality services delivered always to exceed customer's expectations.